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Welcome to Cozen Street Art

My name is Cozen and I’m graffiti and street art fan, turned hobbyist / wannabe artist! My interest in graffiti started as a teenager, I was amazed at the lengths an artist would go to to get their name up higher or go bigger than the person before them.
In the early 2000’s I started to notice a bit more going on on the streets. Artists like Dface, Insa, Elus, London Police and Banksy were suddenly popping up everywhere .....stickers, stencils, paste ups, whatever would grab the attention and keep pushing the artists name. Before long graffiti and street art was appearing on every corner. At this point I decided to try and learn some techniques and see if I could produce a professional looking stencil and develop a street art style. Very quickly I got the bug, a set of scalpels blades and a pack of card and I was lost for hours in the hypotonic meditation of cutting stencils. Wanting to try more layers, or bigger images. If you want to take a look at some of my stencils, i have a gallery page.
My focus has shifted slightly and I’m becoming more interested in sculpture and the three dimensional form. I have started to spend more time looking at designer resin toys. I have got myself a block of polymer clay, a set of sculpting tools and I’m now in the process of learning sculpting, silicone mould making, resin casting and paining of designer toys. i'm sure ill go back to stencils at some point i still have plenty of ideas. For the latest news on my collectable toys check my blog. I do this all for fun. I wouldn’t call myself a graffiti or street artist, I have a full time job and I paint and sculpt badly for fun! Just I thought I would document my experiments on the web, I hope you enjoy some of my work, thanks for stopping by.